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Tutorials: Shadows- Drop Shadow

Hi everyone!
I am so excited to be here! This is a new path for me ( And I ADORE doing something new! There is always so much expectations when we are beggining right?) So... Today I am gonna begin in the tutorials path ( Thank you so much Andi for encouraging me!) For this Tutorial, I'll be using the wonderful new kit from Andi: My Sweet Memories. Available in her shop right here: Digi Preserves.

When I first started scrapbooking ( And I started diggitally right away) I was just trying to find a way to share my soon to be born son with the family. I didn't even know this way of arranging, embelishing and sharing your memories was named scrapbooking!
Anyway, I was hooked since my first humble page. Since that first day, I learned a lot of things, some where new, some I had forgotten ( Isn't it a joy when you learn something again? It's like an old friend comming home again. ;D )

One of the first things I learned that made a HUGE difference in my layouts was using shadows. It's a very important thing with drawing, photographing and it is not different with scrapbook. But before I start, I'd like to tell you: Always have fun! Nothing I am going to say here is set in stone and we have to enjoy every single second of what we are doing right?
So let's talk a bit about shadows? Allons-y!
The most basic thing about shadowing ( And this is something I learned in my drawing lessons) is to imagine where is your light coming from. Your shadow will be opposite to the light point.

First of all let me show you a before and after shadowing LO.

 What do we get from this? The first LO is more flat, has some embelishments that are hard to see and we have a sort of "artificial" feeling to it right?

 Now let me show you another thing:
 This one has very exagerated shadows ( I did this all the time when I first found out about shadowing!!) and we have the feeling that everything is floating away... (Maybe this LO was made in zero gravity? I think it would work great for outer space subjects, don't you? )

Now for some general rules:
1. Writing: As a general rule don't shadow writing. (If you where writing on paper, the letters would not have shadows would they?)

       Now, If your writting is made with stickers, blocks, etc... Shadow all you want as it works as any                  regular object.

2. Brushes: I am talking about those grunge brushes ( I ADORE to use them!). Those don't get to be shadowed too. Why? Because anything that would be painted on a surface don't have shadows. Much like writing.)

 3. One very small detail that may make a big difference: Some objects you receive in kits (beveled ones and such) will be lighted from some angle. I am thinking this is hard to explain, let's try a picture:

Now if I shadow it the way it is, from the angle I chose:

This makes no sense right? Sooo....
I'll have to turn my object around just so it matches my light source:
Much, much better right?

4. Now for the shadowing part ( At least Cintia!!! What took you so long?!)

- Go to you Layers tab;

 -Right click on the layer you are working with; click on blending options;

 -Select the "drop shadow" box. Click on it

  -These are the settings I am using, but you can play around with them to see how they work.

*And what are the things you have here to play around?

a. Blend Mode: Leave it to multiply for now. I'll talk about blend modes in another tutorial and you can go back here later ok?

b. Opacity: It'll will go from 0% to 100% and tells you how much of your shadow you'll see. You can play around with this to see how it goes in your LO;

c. Angle: Very important. This is where you are going to decide where your light source is. Just remember that your shadow will appear on the opposite side!

d. Distance: This is where you decide how far from your paper the object you are currently shadowing is, because it decides de size of the shadow

 e. Spread: This, along with the opacity, will decide the opacity of your shadow

 f. Size: Here is where you can decide how blurred your shadow is
 So, very easy right? I hope you have tons of fun playing with your shadow now that you came to know them a little better!
Any questions or suggestions? Just ask here and I'll be glad to help any way I can.
Next week we'll talk a bit about inner shadowing, but I would love to know what you would like to have a tutorial about.
Do you want some shadow styles to help you get started? Wendy Tunison has some wonderful styles right here:
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