Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tutorials: Inner Shadows

Hello again there!
Today we'll talk about inner shadows. Since we covered the step by step on the last tutorial, this is going to bre more som ideas and higlights ok? For this tutorial I am using Sparkles kit by Digi preserve. It is available HERE

It is easy to go past the inner shadows as unnimportant, but I hope to be able to prove how wrong we may be! When I first started messing around with photoshop I couldn't really get why this button even existed and now... I can't even think of scrapping without it!
So let's see...
How can inner shadowing help you? Well there are lots of ways, I'll cover a few, and hoppefully, I'll give you some ideas to go your own way, right? And as I said before:  Always have fun! Don't be afraid to break all the rules and do something completely different! That's your art! You decide how it ends!!!

Take a look here:

Here is how I usually use inner shadows:

1) Highlight
Some times you just want to highlight some of your papers or objects and the inner shadow can help you do exactly that.
The way the inner shadow works is much like the drop shadow, with the obvious difference that it is inside the object. So if you want to take a look at all the things you can play with in this window, you may try to look HERE at my drop shadows tutorial.

2)Fake drop shadow
This is seriously one of the coolest tricks! You know, when you want to make a hole in one paper so you see through it? Sort of like this:
But, you don't really need to make the hole when we are talking digi. All you have to do is use your inner shadow. See?
And what is the advantage? Well, it is great because you can move your hole around your LO, until it goes to the perfect place! Cool huh?

So, that's it! Tell me how you use your inner shadows?

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