Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tutorial: Shadows in Separate layer

I am back with the last part of the shadows tutorials. The separate layers shadowing.
First of all, for this tutorial I am using Bee Youtiful kit by Digi Preserves available HERE
And why would we want the shadow in a separate layer? Well, because this will give you a whole new  way to work with the shadows and a lot more freedom.
Shall we?

First of all you'll need to duplicate the item your are going to shadow.

After that, you'll have the bottom item that'll become your shadow, and the top item that will be you shadowed item. Make the top iten invisible for now.

 Rename your bottom layer as shadow,  to keep things organized and easier to access. Select your shadow layer and:
Open your Blending options,
Check the color overlay box,
Now choose black as the color overlay.

(You can rasterize your layer if you want)

Now go to filter --> blur -->  Gaussian blur
you can go anywhere you like, I used the  blurring around 30 px

I also made my butterfly layer visible again.

Now, let's reposition our item in a way we can select the area of the shadow to be distorted. This way:

Select what you want to change:

Go to edit--> transform --> distort
(sorry, this is the wrong side selected, but you get the idea)

And now pull your shadow anywhere you want to go and... Voilá! Here is our butterfly with a very nice custom shadow.

You can also mess with the opacity of the layer to make the shadow more subtle.

That's it, I hope you liked and that this tutorial gives you lots of new ideas!

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