Thursday, March 21, 2013

Back Story::Perch

The Back Story - or "Why's"
I mentioned in my Newsletter that I will be sharing a bit of the Back Story or behind the scenes reasons "Why" I created a kit here on this blog.  I've decided to do that with many of the kits I create.  

Do you have a little one who always asks "Why?"  My little ones aren't so little as my youngest is going to be 7 in just over a month.  But I remember well the days of never ending "Why's".  Why do we have this or that?  Why can't I do this or that?  Why, Why, Why?  

I'm so blessed to be able to do what I love each and every day.  I dream about it at night and have a little notebook next to my bed to write down any ideas that spring up in the middle of the night.  It seems my mind can't help but dream at night, I guess it's where I get some pretty awesome ideas.  My Design Name?  Yep, at night...LOL.  I even pay attention to patterns around me.  Yes, I've been known to look in the baby clothing section, and yes, even baby wipes come in pretty cool packaging...LOL.  

I remember about 2 years ago while my husband was in getting his hernia repaired, I was sitting reading a book and waiting in his recovery area.  My mind wandered around the room as it always does, maybe I have a bit of ADD?  I digress, but it was there during that hernia surgery that I realized I'm not only a people watcher, but a pattern watcher too.  I noticed that the curtain hanging between me and the next patient's "area" had a very cool pattern on it.  I doodled it down on a notepad in my purse.  Good times.

Are you inspired by things around you?  Look around and I think you'll be amazed at the simple things that you might not realize have quite an impact or even a bit of inspiration.  I'm a bit of a family history and picture buff and I hope that translates well into my kits, ideas, and designs.  I can't help but share the "why's" with my Digi Friends...why I create what I do.  I feel it's just as fun and hopefully is inspiring to you too.  It may not always be inspiring, it may just be something quirky or unusual, or not even remarkably extraordinary...but it's definitely from my heart.  

My new release, Perch, is one of the most colorful kits I've ever created.  (Perch is 30% off until 3.31).  I loved the name and I don't really recall where it came from, it just hit me one day and I wrote it down.  When I found Harper Finch Designs it just began to take on a life of it's own from there.  I love Springtime - but it has yet to show up here in the Pacific Northwest.  I love wordart - and I absolutely have my favorites in this pack. I especially enjoy corny sayings and quotations.  Like "Whooooo" with owls, Tweet with birds, etc.  My fav is the "bring on the sunshine" wordart - perfect for the little sun and clouds. I truly hope you love this kit and enjoy your freebies. <3  Andi

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